The SMARTh FUrniTURE are suitable for decorating all types of interior space, although the greatest benefits are achieved in buildings constructed of materials with low thermal inertia, a large glass surfaces with high solar gains such as offices, hotels, schools, housing, shopping centre, etc. Even your existing furniture can become SMARTh!

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More than for outdoor spaces, the SMARTh FUrniTURE are especially recommended to furnish intermediate spaces, such as solar greenhouses, glazed balconies, but also because they can easily accumulate excess heat during the day and release it at night, even being able to move during the day.



Whole buildings can be furnished with SMARTh FUrniTURE and obtain important comfort and energy benefits.

In these cases, specific studies should be carried out to simulate the entire buildings using specific dynamic thermal software in order to understand the effective behaviour of the internal spaces.

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