SMARTh FUrniTURE is the furniture of the future, intelligent and dynamic.

Thanks to the innovative material in its core, this furniture is able to accumulate excess thermal energy and release it when the temperature decreases. It is therefore some furniture which thermally interacts with the surrounding environment, while maintaining temperature uniformity and saving energy.


So ​​SMARTh FUrniTURE (Smart Thermal Furniture), strongly enhances the thermal inertia of the building and reduces the costs of climate control in both summer and winter time *.


* Results depends on multiple factors


The furniture that will change the world of energy efficiency in buildings

SMARTh FUrniTURE comes from a patent by Patricia Ferro. The first SMARTh furnishings designed by Patricia Ferro and Gabriela Dupeyron and implemented in collaboration with DuPont ™ Energain ® and RIVA1920 have been presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile held in Milan from 8th to 13rd April 2014.

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